Teen Coaching

Parents hire me to set their Teen up for SUCCESS

Your dream is for YOUR CHILD to achieve SUCCESS and become the adult he/she is CALLED to be.

You believe your child is CALLED to achieve many important things on this earth.

BUT sometimes it seems like your child does not have the level of CONFIDENCE, DETERMINATION AND RESILIENCE he/she should have in certain situations.

It feels like something is holding him/her back, but you don’t know what it is.

Constantly comparing himself/herself to others who are more successful is steeling your child’s joy. 

Your child might be an expert in self-sabotage, feeling stuck and ready to give up on his/her dream.

BUT you refuse for your child to give up!

You want your child to be a leader that inspires others and do his/her part to make this world a better place.

Coaching can help Your Child achieve his/her dreams.

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Why reflective parenting?

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Empowering children with confidence

Being a parent is the greatest gift on earth.  You have the opportunity to shape another human being into a caring, confident and successful person. Research shows that confidence has a stronger link to success than competence.  Thus, confidence is one of the most precious skills you can teach your child.  Young children do not…

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