Empowering children with confidence

Being a parent is the greatest gift on earth.  You have the opportunity to shape another human being into a caring, confident and successful person. Research shows that confidence has a stronger link to success than competence.  Thus, confidence is one of the most precious skills you can teach your child.  Young children do notContinue reading “Empowering children with confidence”

Why reflective parenting?

Parenthood is a blessing and we will do anything to support and help our children. Because we are multi-tasking between being a parent and working, life is busy and we have become accustomed to activity, especially through media and digital communication. According to Blaise Pascal (Mid-17th Century French Philosopher and Mathematician) – All of humanity’sContinue reading “Why reflective parenting?”

Finding your “Why?” for fitness

Many people start the challenging journey to become fit and active, but why is it that so many times this journey ends prematurely? A lot of authors focus on the importance of making it a habit and there are different theories about the “21 or 66 days”. You can find many examples of “Beginner’s guideContinue reading “Finding your “Why?” for fitness”

Why is it so difficult to lose weight?

If you are currently struggling with weight loss, you know that it is not easy and there are no shortcuts. The concept remains simple: burn more calories than you eat. As easy as that sounds, it is not. I am sure you have tried many diets and exercise plans before, but you are looking forContinue reading “Why is it so difficult to lose weight?”

The benefits of having a business coach

As the world of business gets more complex, it is challenging to keep up with both the changes in your industry as well as the innovations in sales, marketing, and management strategies. Having a Business Coach can be key to distinguish yourself as a professional and boost your career.  Leadership and engagement are complex concepts,Continue reading “The benefits of having a business coach”

The art of influence during presentations

In order to influence your audience, your presentation needs to represent a clear story about your product/service or proposal.  When information is presented into a story, our brains understand the information associated with the feelings we had while listening to the story.  It is important to include aspects that will activate different experiences with theContinue reading “The art of influence during presentations”