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For a healthy, happy and balanced family life

Being a mother is one of life’s biggest gifts. It is joyful and fulfilling. You love being a mother, but you are also working and maintaining your health and relationships. Juggling all of this can be overwhelming at times.


I help mothers create a healthy, happy and balanced family life for themselves and their children.

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Why reflective parenting?

Parenthood is a blessing and we will do anything to support and help our children. Because we are multi-tasking between being a parent and working, life is busy and we have become accustomed to activity, especially through media and digital communication. According to Blaise Pascal (Mid-17th Century French Philosopher and Mathematician) – All of humanity’sContinue reading “Why reflective parenting?”

Why Ironman 70.3?

For majority of my life, entering an Ironman 70.3 was just not on my list of things possible. The 1.9km swim was just so far from what I thought possible. My excuse for sticking to Sprint triathlons or Olympic distance was that my swimming was not strong enough, and I needed more time to workContinue reading “Why Ironman 70.3?”

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